At New Creative Images we are bringing business to businesses by personal design. We understand that clients and customers desire to know what is in an offering to benefit them and grow their profits. Through our unique services and memberships we design invitations to showcase businesses where others take notice.

NCI Networking has a group of members that give incentives to new customers and in some cases the person referring new business. People helping people turns into a mutually beneficial program to drive business to businesses.

Our Mission Statement

At New Creative Images our mission is to ignite fire to passions by building people. When motivation meets desire with a little inspiration great things happen.

Finally we bring to you both in hard copy and digitally an Invitation Reference Catalog where we showcase business invitations. We pride ourselves in this compilation of clients in both the goods and service industry. Our catalog of connections and friends bring together some of the best in customer service with great products and opportunities.

Our Editor, CEO, and Director of our consulting services, Sheila Harrison, believes that our hearts desires, talents, and aspirations are gifts from God. Within us all is planted seeds of greatness. At New Creative Images she practices her heart driven purpose and desire to assist others. Her motto is “Inspired to Inspire.” Sheila seasons her work with prayer and gratitude.

She brings to her clients years of experience in sales, marketing, and consulting.

At New Creative Images our Success is truly measured by the Success of our Clients.

Our Home office is located in the heart of South Central Kentucky bringing service nation wide.

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